Why we do it

Well, to paraphrase former US President Bill Clinton: It’s the Environment, Stupid

To be clear, we don’t think you’re stupid. Nor are we claiming to have all the answers. We also know there are things that we as a company need to be doing better ourselves. But we are genuinely concerned about the way as a people we are damaging our planet. So we have made a conscious decision to operate as best we can to become a part of solutions to the problem.

The global thirst for energy is a very major element of the sustainability challenge. And given electrical energy services are such a significant and growing component of that thirst it makes sense that we, as an electrical business, focus our efforts on helping to bring about positive change in this area.

So, for example we have installed PV on the company’s office and our own homes. We buy 100% renewable electricity from our energy supplier. We have implemented many sensible energy efficiency measures such as loft, wall and floor insulation and LED lighting. We are also trying to reduce our business-related mileage, which means that when we come to renew our fleet we could realistically look at electric powered vehicles for our operations.

We know we’re not perfect, but we are trying to do good. If you’re thinking like us, then give us a call.