What we do

As you would expect, electrical installation services are our backbone. However you might be more surprised to find sustainability as our core motivation. Our range of services reflect this.

We install, commission and provide operational servicing and maintenance of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems and the emerging sustainable future technology sectors of distributed energy storage (that’ll be batteries), electric vehicle charging points and smart systems management. Most of what we do is directed towards the built environment (homes, schools, commercial buildings and the like as opposed to big greenfield sites), delivering and managing smart energy services at the point of use.

On the commercial level, we deliver services to the construction sector. Frequently this is a sub-contract solution where we fully represent our direct client on site. This helps reduce the risk to and/or increase geographical coverage of our clients by delivering flexible sub-contract installation teams, on-site supervision and management, and other technical support services.

For private customers (principally home-owners) we offer tailored solutions to help you implement your own sustainable home projects either alongside other electrical home improvements or as discrete measures.