Solar Photovoltaics

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Solar PV has been fundamental to our company since 2011 when we first started installing panels under the game-changing Feed-in Tariff scheme.

However, our interest and involvement in PV dates back much further to the early 1990’s when a fresh-faced and ache-free Paul joined the international renewable energy consultants firm, IT Power Ltd, as an energy engineer. One of his first jobs was to help complete a major European study of PV industry and market developments to the year 2010. At that time we could only dream of an incentive scheme that would help the industry grow and PV to become a familiar energy technology in many parts of the world…

But getting back to the present, we are accredited installers of PV under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS); we have undertaken residential and commercial PV installations from design through to commissioning and client training in our own right from Surrey to Solva and from Bristol to Birmingham.

By far the majority of our work, however, is providing the full range of PV installation services for other accredited companies. We undertake all on-site liaison with the Main Contractor (or M&E Contractor) as required, managing up-lift and distribution of panels to the installation area; mapping, constructing and positioning mounting systems, installing cable containment and undertaking all electrical connections on both AC and DC sides up to the connection point with the incoming supply. We also provide full documentation to our client’s requirements and undertake end-user training and orientation as required for day-to-day system operation. We are proud to report that we have maintained very good relationships with some of our clients for 7+ years (50+ projects) and counting.

We have installed on pitched roofs, flat roofs and on ground-mounted arrays; slate, tile, steel, fibre-cement and single-ply membrane roofs; using a whole host of different fixing and mounting systems including K2, Nicholson, Redtip, Renusol, Schletter; roof-integrated systems by Easy-in-Roof, GB-Sol, GSE, Romag and Viridian among others; panels from the likes of Aleo, Canadian Solar, JA, Jinko, LG, Panasonic, Perlight, Sunpower and Trina.

We have also installed numerous different makes of inverter from the likes of ABB, Enphase, Fronius, Goodwe, Growatt, Huawei, Kako, SMA, Samil, Solaredge, Solis to Zeversolar, as well as various monitoring systems.

We try to keep abreast of the ever-changing PV developments, standards and so on with product specific training and general industry webinars. And of course feedback from our clients!