Electric Vehicle Charge Points

The number of plug-in electric vehicle (EV) registrations in the UK is fast approaching a quarter of a million (as at July 2019) and currently accounts for around 3% of the new UK car market. That equates to about 5000 additional electric vehicles on the UK roads each month. (source https://www.nextgreencar.com )

EVs are not for everyone (yet!), but as our society grapples with moving towards a cleaner energy future, EVs – coupled with electricity production from appropriate, environmentally-friendly sources – clearly have an important role to play.

One of the obvious challenges for plug-in EV owners is where to recharge the vehicle. It is possible to do so via a connection to a simple 13A socket outlet. However, for safety and better battery management (both important in protecting you and your investment), as well as greater convenience, a dedicated EV charge point is strongly recommended.

It may come as a surprise to learn that there are currently at least 25,000 charge points around the UK (that’s roughly 1 charge point for every 10 vehicles). However they are not necessarily universally accessible; in more rural areas – take far West Wales for instance – you may be lucky to find any publicly accessible charge points within a 15 mile radius.

Our ambition is to support home-owners, businesses and the public sector to safely and effectively implement EV charging solutions appropriate to their requirements.

We are qualified EV charge-point installers and authorised under the Office for Zero Emissions Vehicles for the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme & Workplace Charging Scheme. We install MyEnergi-Zappi, SolarEdge, NewMotion and EVBox