St David’s Peninsula Local Energy Action Group

As part of Community Energy Pembrokeshire‘s Local Energy Action Force (LEAF) pilot project, St David’s and the surrounding area now has it’s own community action group to champion energy awareness, energy efficiency, renewable energy and other vital enabling elements at the local level. The objective of the project is to develop teams of people in local communities with the right skills and support to identify and develop sustainable energy projects for local people to own, operate, and potentially buy energy from.  This is expected to keep energy bills down and retain money within the local economy as well as help in meeting the challenges of climate change.

The group, headed by Geraint Michael, the LEAF Project Officer for St. David’s area, includes local residents with broad experience from a variety of backgrounds. The team has met a number of times already to develop ideas and discuss priority actions, with a view towards implementing measures that will hopefully help the local area develop in an ecologically sustainable way.

Paul has participated in several of the meetings, particularly from the perspective of buildings’ energy performance. The group is hoping to re-purpose and revitalise a community building into a centre for local energy advocacy and demonstration of practical technologies.

Next meeting will be in Solva Memorial Hall on August 22nd.

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